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Basic Fixed Price Overhaul - £130


This option will return a faulty A60 to full working order and includes the return postage back to a mainland UK address.


All common defects are checked for and rectified, all potentiometers are removed and fully refurbished as most are noisy along with cleaning and lubrication of all switches. The output stage biasing is checked and reset as required. A full audio performance test (power output, distortion, noise and frequency response) is carried out to ensure full compliance with the original manufacturer specification.


Following overhaul and a period on test a comprehensive repair report is supplied along with an invoice which can be paid through Paypal (note that the repair service only covers electronic faults - cosmetic faults with the casing, missing knobs etc cannot be rectified under this service)


Additional options: 

  • Replacement of all electrolytic capacitors with Nichicon audio grade replacments (not including 2 main PSU electrolytics ) - add £30 to basic £130 price


  • As above but including replacement of 2 main PSU electrolytics with high quality very long life Kemet components - add £60 to basic £130 price.


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A&R Cambridge -  A60 Integrated Amplifier