Customer Feedback

"Just a quick mail to say I've spent a little time listening and well, what a difference, not only on the phono stage but also when streaming through my DAC - absolutely fantastic, didn't realise that I would get such a marked improvement, as you so said the bass response has much more weight to it - brilliant. A very happy customer, thanks so much!"

CE, London

"The NAD amp arrived back yesterday. I didn't have chance to connect it until just now. I'm so glad I had in repaired. I am not a nit picking audiophile but it sounds great. The word I keep thinking is clarity"

NL, Herefordshire

"Amplifier returned safe and sound. First impressions are excellent - it sounds glitch-free and pure again. Thanks so much for a first-class repair service and really excellent customer support and communication."

TP, Wiltshire.

"Am thrilled to have received my NAD amp back. You've done a fabulous job cleaning it up and it sounds awesome. Now I realise that I need to get myself some decent speakers. Many thanks for your very professional service."

SW, France.

"Just listening now, and it sounds excellent, better than when I got it by far. Thanks."

JH,  Lancs.

"Many thanks for the first class repair and service I have received with the repair of my amp, Its very rare these days that one gets such a first class experience when dealing with a repair service, You are a credit to your profession,everything went so smoothly, once again thank you so much."

MH, S. Yorks.

"what can i say,  the cyrus 2 is back to its best ever since you waved the magic wand on it, and the return post was extremely quick with first class packaging."

BD, Scotland.

"Well, I have finally had a chance to listen to a few CDs (the Rega turntable won’t be getting un-packed for a while) and I am very pleased indeed.

The sound is ‘brighter’ almost certainly down to the less absorbent surroundings but the sound is also clearer and cleaner, if that makes sense.  Many thanks for a great job; hopefully it (or the PSX) won’t be needing your attention for a long while yet but at least I know where to turn to if they do."

PR, Wiltshire.


"The Cyrus One arrived home today and, to put it bluntly, I could not be more pleased with the outcome. It sounds better than I can ever remember it sounding. Playing records that I've owned for 30+years and listened to literally hundreds of times before, and using the same Mission 70 speakers I bought to go with the Cyrus,  I'm hearing detail, bass extension and a fullness of sound that is all quite new. I assume some of that is due to the fix of the 'phono stage, but I can only imagine that the amp is also running some higher-spec and performing components elsewhere as well. All in all it's an absolute triumph!"

DL, Australia.

Amp arrived back home safely today.

Plugged in and – wow – blown away – I don’t remember it ever sounding so good ! All switching clean as a whistle.

I’m glad I took the plunge to get it repaired rather than consigning it to the amplifier graveyard !

With many thanks for a First Class Service from start to finish.

CM, Oxon


Cyrus 2 All connected up and working. All I can say is "Breathtaking" the sound is so dynamic, detailed and clear. Easily as good as the Cyrus 8 I tested a few weeks back. You are a superb audio engineer with a soul. Thanks again for all your work. I treated myself to an Arcam iPod Dock as well just to round off the repair. I also have dusted off the turntable and that sounds great as well.

Many thanks.

PH, London

Just a quick message to say thanks for the excellent work you've put into my 3020!

-You've transformed a much loved, but glitchy, mainstay of my hi-fi set up into a spellbinding little box - reclaiming all its warmth and with an extra level of transparency that I've perhaps never quite appreciated, or even experienced from the NAD before. Others have also commented on this new lease of life, clearly impressed by the power and warmth the NAD is now comfortably projecting.

So, thanks again - it was very important to me to find the right person to work on the NAD... looks like I found that person in you and Amplifier Repair Services!,

KG, London

Just a  brief note to thank you for the excellent job done on the Cyrus recently, David! Everything sound nice and clean – celebration with Elgar’s cello concert (LP), Palle Mikkelborg and finally Maceo Parker (CDs) – it takes it all! Thank you again!

SA, Oslo

You repaired and serviced my NAD 3020 a couple of months ago. I remain absolutely delighted at just how good my amp now sounds. Completely 'over the moon' with what you have achieved with your work, and at such a reasonable cost. Delighted customer, thank you.

DL, East Anglia.

"My Cyrus 2 was overhauled and when it came back there was a superb increase in the quality of sound. Well packaged also-Would recommend.

LH Hampshire"

The Cyrus is back and installed. It sounds superb, much more clarity and particularly at the treble end.

The turntable on MM is silent through the phono stage.

A really good job, I’m delighted.

NW, Berkshire.

Many thanks for your excellent service of my amplifier and the very helpful communication you maintained during the whole process. It was good to know that it had reached you safely and I was able to track it on return and be available to sign for it.

The new phono sockets are significantly better than the old ones, and all the controls are working perfectly and feel like new.My Cyrus 2 is also now sounding fabulous again, in fact rather better than it has done for a number of years! A brilliant job.

AS, Yorkshire.

"Amplifier arrived safely and sounds wonderful. I decided to give it it’s first test with a track from a favourite artist from an album that’s generally quite challenging to listen to. First impressions were that there were details I hadn’t heard before, a very delicate and airy bow on string from a quartet that was quite chilling in an exciting way, followed by rich deep vocals, and wonderful staging. I was enjoying the experience so much that it took me until halfway through to realise it wasn’t the track I’d intended to play in the first place ! Somehow now the album seems more accessible.


Many thanks for your help and prompt action. I have to say I’m glad to have found you as the problem with the amp had been getting worse over the years and I’d thought it was finished, the upgrade was certainly worth while and the reason it took so long for me to get it repaired was that I had made at least three requests to that other “Musical Fidelity Specialist” found on google over a long period and each time got no response. Musical Fidelity themselves no longer repair or upgrade so you have single handedly saved my system."

SG, Buckinghamshire.

"After some time I’ve finally been able to give the pair of Cyrus 2/PSX’s a serious listening. It is amazing what you get used to, I thought my ears had gone off and I was imagining how good the system used to sound but after your expert rebuild quality is restored! Expansive sound staging, involving detailing, great dynamics bi-amped through the 780 Argonauts on all sources Cd -Mission PCM11, Phono -Thorens SME 3009 Sure v15iii  TV – Samsung optical via Cyp DAC, even my cheap FM tuner sounds better! I’m now enjoying re-discovering my music collection thanks to your great work. I really think they are as good as new, if not better & I’m looking forward to many hours of enjoyment.

SC, Notts.



Just a note to say I've been listening to the repaired NAD for nearly six months now, and each time I do it puts a smile on my face.  You did a superb job.  Thank you very much indeed.  I would recommend this service to anyone to has a cherished, but aged, 3020.  

AS, Flintshire.

Just wanted to say thanks for the work on my Cyrus 2. It sounds incredible. Records I've had for 30 years and listened to on an old and have taken on a new life. Wish I'd had it fixed earlier!

CS, Yorkshire

My Cyrus 2 turned up this morning safe and sound – many thanks.  I have just plugged it back in and thought I would drop you a line to thank you for your work and put on the record how impressed I am with the service I received.  The sound quality now is a revelation compared to the way it was before you worked your magic – a wonderful (and great value) improvement.  I was beginning to wonder if the time had come for me to move on from my trusty Cyrus2/PSX combo, but you have now breathed new life into it.  I am also very grateful for the prompt turnaround – now I can enjoy it to the full over the holiday season.  Please feel free to add me to the testimonials on your website!

DM,  Buckinghamshire.

My old chum arrived safe and sound - and speedily!

Even the appearance of the amplifier was - 'as new'. The function of the switching actually smoother than I ever remember and the sound also seeming improved, with a slightly better balanced tone and less preponderant bass. What a delight not to have to negotiate my complex switching arrangements which all fed into the one more or less functional setting on the 'listen' dial! So your modest charge for this re-instatement has saved me perhaps £500 in updating to a comparable quality machine and I am full of praise and thanks. I see lots of people on the point of disposing of their δ 290's for the simple dysfunctional switches and wish they all might discover your brilliant service. On top of that your personal, prompt and personal communication left nothing to be desired.

CM, Monmouthshire.


"When the amp was delivered back to me after repair, I was stunned as It looked brand new.


After the servicing by ARS the amp is now back to its best, revealing detail I had not heard before.


It really sounds superb and looks like a brand new amplifier!


ARS did a fantastic job repairing the faults, servicing and inspecting the amp meticulously. They also replaced parts which may be needed in the future and carried out extensive preventative maintenance. The attention to detail was fantastic and communication was also first class.


Fantastic job by ARS. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking Professional repairs!"



George D - Berkshire

Having now used my A60 for a few days I just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with it.


I had doubted that it would be possible to get it repaired and I was seriously considering buying a new modern amp. I then saw your ARS website and I was convinced to send it to you to be overhauled.


I am so glad that I did as it is wonderful to hear that lovely warm sound again!


Thank you for your skilled work, your prompt service and it has been a pleasure to deal with you.

A.H. West Midlands.

I just wanted to let you know that my Amp arrived back safely and sounds great! The input selector is working as it should and hence the Amp is now back in daily use.


I really appreciate your highly professional repair service and would highly recommend it to anyone.

DH, Wakefield

Just for your information my Cyrus 2 was delivered safe and sound with me late yesterday afternoon. Got the amp set up with the turntable and the speakers and it just sounds absolutely amazing, just such a beautiful sound.


I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic work you have done on my Cyrus 2 of which I am looking forward to the many years of service and pleasure it will give and my family.

KS, Derby.

Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic work on my A1. It sounds like it should have sounded- I am absolutely delighted at the work carried out- such a musical little amp and you’ve brought the very best out of it. And such a professional service- the detail and thoroughness of the work carried out and accompanying report. I could not be happier. All controls are rock solid and the sound is superb.


Thank you so much and I’d be delighted to post a review anywhere that would be of value to you and your business. I would highly recommend you to anyone else looking to breathe fresh life into their amplifier. Cannot recommend highly enough.


DM - Isle of Lewis