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A Musical Fidelity A1 which wasn't quite an A1......

By ARS, Feb 6 2017 03:08PM

An A1 recently arrived at the workshop in typical condition, noisy volume, intermittent input selector and no doubt a few other issues once the top cover/heatsink was removed. What was a suprise was a somewhat different PCB inside which on first inspection appeared to be that of a Musical Fidelity B200 instead (this uses a MOSFET output stage and doesn't run in class A)

Once the PCB was removed it was quite clear that this was a B200 as the PCB designation underneath had been neatly obscured by a Musical Fidelity inspection sticker revealing 'B200' when removed - see photo below.

It had the lower voltage mains transformer of the original A1 however thus ensuring the output remained at approx 20W into 8 ohms. Who knows how many of these models proudly sporting 'Class A amplifier' on the fascia are something entirely different inside!