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Getting back into Vinyl?

By ARS, Feb 1 2016 07:28PM

The recent resurgence in listening to vinyl in recent years has led to plenty of dusty late 70's early 80's amplifiers being brought down from the loft after a couple of decades of hibernation. Today's amplifiers don't have a phono stage and often the modern stand alone units available are rather expensive for what is often just couple of cheap op amps inside a plush looking box. Fortunately the old amplifiers usually have a very high quality phono stage inside often built entirely from discrete components(e.g NAD3020) Sadly most owners discover they don't work when resurrecting them after 25 odd years! Most of the amplifiers repared by ARS contain a phono stage and these are all fully overhauled and tested whether or not an owner uses the input. In fact the cost of overhauling the entire amplifier is often less than an seperate modern phono stage usually put together in the Far East for a tiny fraction of that paid by the end user.