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Mission Cyrus Two

By ARS, Feb 20 2012 07:17PM

The Mission Cyrus Two is a fabulous sounding amp for a pretty minimal outlay and you need to venture well into 4 figure territory to noticeably better it. When one is reported dead and/or blowing the fuses it's usually down to one or two of the output transistors being short. Never simply replace these with out lifting and checking much of the associated semiconductors in the driver circuitry otherwise another failure often results!

Another common fault is C63/C64 470uF in the dual rail 18V preamp power supply which have pretty much had it on most units at 25 Years old. The picture below shows two fairly obvious failures. Strangely enough the only other capacitors which regularly fail are the two brown Bipolar 470uF ones C41/42 which usually crack on the outside. When these fail a poor bass response results and are easily replaced with a decent Nichicon Muse ES.

The early plastic cased amps do have a tendency to break the plastic mounting tabs underneath the fascia but success has been had recently using an automotive plastic repair technique to rebuild these.

(note - above comments all apply to the Cyrus One aswell)