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Replacement Quad 303 Driver Boards and Regulator Board

By ARS, May 24 2012 01:58PM

Newly constructed replacement ARS Quad 303 boards undergoing setting up and testing. By far the easiest way of rejuvenating a tired 40 year old Quad 303 amplifier. Priced at £124 for a pair of driver boards and £25 for the regulator board they are currently on sale in the 'shop' section of the website. High quality components including Wima and Panasonic FC capacitors and 1% tolerance metal film resistorse used (and built to exactly the same design as boards used in Quad 303's above S.N 11500)

For those owners not confident enough to replace and set up purchased replacement boards then an installation service is also offered by ARS Amplifier repair priced at £25 including the cost of shipping your 303 back following the upgrade. Use the 'contact' form to enquire about this service.

(ARS also offer a fixed price Quad 303 repair service at £89 or have your Quad 303 repaired and a complete set of new boards fitted at the same time - please visit the Quad page for pricing on this option)