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What exactly does 'serviced' mean?

By ARS, Dec 20 2012 05:08PM

You will often see second hand amplifiers for sale with the rather bizarre description of having been 'serviced' as if it were an engine or something with oil, filters and belts that need changing! Depending on the seller this can mean a variety of possibilties from the list below:

1. It was plugged in and it worked, then dusted it clean.

2. Took the lid off and all looked ok inside.

3. A lot of perfectly functioning components have been needlessly replaced with new ones of inferior quality

4. It was blown up but has now been repaired.

5. Or it has been fully tested in acordance with the manufacturer spec and a number of out of tolerance components have been replaced, and all common failure points with this model checked and rectified where necessary.

Hence the seller can then often advertise at an extortionate price once the magic word 'serviced' is applied! Quite which one of the above list applies is anyone's guess - buyer beware! An amplifier either works or it doesn't. If it doesn't then it needs repairing - simple!