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By submitting equipment for repair by ARS the customer accepts all the following conditions:



Payment is via Paypal or cash only (no cheques). Full payment must be received before amplifiers are returned. Following payment of the repair invoice equipment will promptly dispatched on the next working day via a reputable courier. Repaired equipment will only be stored for a period of 60 days from time of notification of completion. After this time ARS reserve the right to dispose of or sell equipment to recoup costs if the repair invoice still remains unpaid and ARS will not be liable for any losses incurred as a result.



It is the customers responsibility to arrange shipping to ARS. Because we have not packaged the equipment prior to transportation nor have arranged the courier we cannot accept any liability for damage or loss whilst in transit to ARS. It is essential therefore that you ensure your equipment is adequately protected, packaged and insured. You are advised to read the detailed shipping advice supplied by ARS before arranging a courier.  An estimate of equipment value for insurance purposes is supplied as a guide within the shipping instructions.

For repaired equipment being returned to a customer any damage must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. Insured claims will not be entered into after this time. Please carefully inspect all items and do not sign for your package unless you are completely satisfied it has arrived in good condition. If you are unable to inspect your package, add a note alongside your signature to say that the item has not been inspected when you sign for it. (Most if not all courier companies will accept no liability for any goods signed for as being ‘received in good condition’ and then subsequently reported as damaged and even then will usuallly claim insufficiently packaged and thus refuse to pay out). Returned equipment is insured according to its condition as assessed by the workshop in accordance with the guide prices advised.



All items are inspected on receipt prior to repair but we will not be responsible for marks that become apparent after cleaning or for items viewed in low light conditions. Whilst every care is taken of all equipment in our care we cannot be responsible for any marks caused by handling or cleaning. This is particularly applicable to equipment which has been repainted either by the owner or a third party as such resprays are rarely as durable as the original paint finish and damage is often inevitable during dismantling and repair therefore.

All repairs and overhauls include a 3 month warranty which covers labour and original parts used and applies to the original fault condition only. All equipment repaired under warranty will be repaired free of charge including the shipping back to the customer. In all cases the customer is responsible for shipping cost to the workshop. Subsequent different faults are not covered by this warranty. If there is evidence that  either the equipment covers or PCB have been removed or any subsequent modifications have carried out during the warranty period then any repair warranty is voided. If a fault is suspected after repair then owners should make every effort to eliminate all other parts of their system before contacting ARS (interconnects, speakers, source components etc). If equipment is returned to the workshop under warranty which is found to have no fault then an investigation and inspection charge of £25 per hour plus courier costs will be invoiced.

No liability is accepted for any damage or failure to any other item of equipment forming any part of your Hi FI system including speakers in which overhauled or repaired amplifiers are used. By it’s nature old equipment even when repaired will be subject to unpredictable failures from time to time and such events are impossible to attribute to any one cause.